U.S. flag This is the official website of The Village of Indian Hill. Here's how you know.
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This is the official website of The Village of Indian Hill.
Here's how you know.

The Village of Indian Hill is excited to announce a new recycling opportunity available in our area. Hefty has partnered with Rumpke to expand the list of acceptable materials.  The new program, Hefty ReNew™, is a hard-to-recycle plastics recovery program that offers residents a convenient way to divert more waste from landfills. This program is intended to complement, but not replace, current recycling routines. Therefore, it’s important for residents to continue putting paper, cardboard, cartons, glass and plastic bottles, tubs, cups, aluminum cans and steel cans in their blue totes loose and unbagged. Here is how the new program works:

  • Residents who choose to participate can purchase Hefty ReNew™ orange bags at their local Kroger store or online at Kroger.com.
  • You can also request a free Hefty ReNew™ starter kit here: https://www.hefty.com/products/hefty-renew/renew-communities/ohio/cincinnati-program
  • For additional online options, visit HeftyReNew.com
  • Each orange bag features a list of hard-to-recycle items that can be collected in the bag for recycling.
  • Simply fill the bag with those items and when it’s full, tie it up and then place the bag in blue recycle toter for collection.
  • Village employees will then collect the recycling tote and haul it away. Once the recycling reaches the recycle center, the orange bags will be separated from the rest of the material. The bags will then be sent to specialized recyclers that will use the materials to create new and useful products including plastic lumber and irrigation blocks

For a free Starter kit, visit HeftyReNew.com and click on ‘Find Local Programs’.  This website will also have information regarding acceptable materials and how the program works. One reminder that is very important! Only the hard-to-recycle plastics listed on the Hefty ReNew list should be placed in the orange bag. All other items you have been recycling in the past should continue to be placed into your tote LOOSE! The orange bags are separated first at the recycle center. All other bagged material is sent to the landfill so please, DO NOT use plastic bags for your normal recyclables! If you have any questions about this new program, feel free to contact the Public Works Department at (513) 831-3712.