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Please Read Prior To Filing 2023 Tax Form  

2023 Income Tax Rate set at 0.45%  

In accordance with the IRS filing, the deadline for the Village of Indian Hill income tax will be Monday, April 15, 2024.

The Village Council has been completing its annual income tax rate review to determine the income tax rate for the upcoming year.   After thorough review, Council unanimously passed an emergency Ordinance at the December 18, 2023 Council meeting to reduce the income tax rate from 0.475% to 0.45%.

This reduction was based on the following factors: 1.) higher than anticipated income tax receipts in 2022 and 2023; 2.) higher than anticipated year end balances; and 3.) conservative spending; and 4.) utilization of grant funds for capital projects.

Notwithstanding the reduction in the income tax rate, budget projections continue to forecast sufficient fund reserves over the next few years.  In addition, the projections account for future known and estimated liabilities, contingencies associated with the current volatile market and inflationary conditions, a viable ten-year capital improvement program centered on significant infrastructure needs, and cash flow stability.

With the emergency legislation, the new rate will go into effect January 1, 2024 for the upcoming 2023 tax filing season.

For questions regarding the tax rate reduction or additional information regarding income tax filing, please do not hesitate to contact Scott Gully, Finance Director/Tax Commissioner, at (513) 561-6500.

Tax Forms

Tax Forms and Municipal Income Tax Ordinances are available below.  It should be noted that the tax from CANNOT be transmitted electronically, nor will it be accepted if received via email.  If you have any questions regarding the use of the form, please call the office at (513) 979-6203.

  • Tax rate for 2023 taxes is 0.45%
  • Tax returns are due by April 15, 2024

    Interest Rate

    The annual interest rate to be applied to all unpaid income and withholding tax balances are as follows:

    10% 2024
    7% 2023
    5% 2021-2022
    7% 2019-2020
    6% 2017-2018
    5% 2016

    Any prior tax years, regardless of when they are filed, are subject to the interest rate of 2/3% per month, or a fraction thereof with a minimum penalty of $25.

    Tax Forms

    Municipal Income Tax Ordinance (Chapter 93)

    Tax Payers’ Rights and Responsibilities

    Tax Forms

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who must file?

    Every individual and every business whose residence was within the Village if Indian Hill during any part of the period January 1st to December 31st and has income in excess of $5,000. If income is less than $5,000, no tax is due, however a return must be filed if a State of Ohio return is filed. Otherwise, the “Information Form” at the bottom of the tax form should be completed and mailed to the tax office. Businesses and individuals who only come into Indian Hill to work do not need to file an Indian Hill Tax Return or pay the Indian Hill Income Tax.

    Who is NOT required to file?

    Businesses and individuals who only come into Indian Hill to work do not need to file an Indian Hill Tax Return or pay the Indian Hill Income Tax.

    What does it mean to "reside"?

    Please read Ordinance No. 18-20 by clicking here.

    When should I file?

    The return is due by April 15th of the following year for calendar year tax payers. Fiscal year taxpayers are required to file within four (4) months from the end of the fiscal year period.

    Are estimated payments due during the year?

    Estimated payments are not required to be made during the current tax year

    How do I secure an extension?

    An extension may be secured by requesting same from the Indian Hill Tax Commissioner and making a payment of at least 80% of the estimated tax due. This request and prepayment must be received by the Tax Commissioner no later than the due date of the return.

    If I pay tax to another community, do I receive a credit on my Indian Hill tax?

    The Indian Hill Tax is non-reciprocal. Taxes paid to another community do not change the amount due to Indian Hill.

    If I moved into or out of Indian Hill during the tax year, do I have to pay the tax for the entire year?

    If you moved into or out of Indian Hill from or to another Ohio location, the taxable income amount is prorated based on the percentage of time during the year you resided inside the Village. 

    If you moved into or out of Indian Hill from an out of state location, your taxable income equals your Ohio adjusted gross income, less the amount reported to the State of Ohio as income not received in Ohio on the IT1040 Ohio Schedule of Credits, Line 25, plus the portion of the business income deduction that was earned in Ohio.

    Is there any income taxable to the state that is not taxable to the Village?

    If Ohio Adjusted Gross income is less than $5,000, no tax is due.  However, if you file a state of Ohio tax return, you will still need to file with Indian Hill even though no tax is due. 

    Ohio State Teachers Retirement System (STRS), Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), Police & Firemen Retirement Systems of Ohio (P & FRS), and City of Cincinnati pensions are not taxable. 

    Other retirement income received on account of retirement and for which a credit may be taken on the state of Ohio individual tax return may be deducted up to the amount included in Ohio Adjusted Gross Income not to exceed $4000.  Only retirement income which qualifies for a retirement credit on the Ohio Tax Form IT1040 may be deducted.

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