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Waste Collection Services

Pick Up Schedule 

Special Notice:

To reduce the risk of exposure to employees and residents alike, the Public Works department will need all residents to place their trash and recyclable material on the driveway beginning Monday, April 6. This will not only keep the employees from entering garages and closets, but also lessen the likelihood of your collectibles being missed if your normal collection route driver is absent.

Waste collection routes are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Holidays, falling on a regularly scheduled day, will be rescheduled for Monday. You will be given a notice of change by your route driver and a notice will appear in the Indian Hill Bulletin. If your collection was missed due to a blocked drive or late set out, you may submit an online service request or call (513) 831-3712. 

Below is a list of guidelines that should be followed for proper waste disposal:

  • Trash should be bagged and placed in an approved container. Approved containers are either 32 gallon cans weighing less than 50 pounds when full or large ‘toters’ purchased from the Public Works Department.
  • Only ordinary household waste will be accepted on regular collection days. No paints, batteries, yard waste, tires, chemicals, or construction trash of any kind. For information on these items, call the Public Works Department at (513) 831-3712.
  • Large quantities of trash and bulk items such as furniture, boxes and appliances will be handled as a Special Pickup.
  • It is your responsibility to keep trash easily accessible for collection personnel. Collections cannot be made if driveways are blocked or access to your cans is impeded. If you anticipate a problem, please set your trash out in an area free of obstructions.
  • If you choose to keep the trash in your garage, please keep the area surrounding your trash accessable and free of any obstructions that may prove hazardous to collection personnel. Also, be sure to keep items not intended to be thrown away a safe distance from your trash cans so that they are not mistakenly taken as trash.
  • Due to the limited hauling capacity of our collection vehicles, we ask that all large cardboard boxes be broken down before placing them out for disposal. If you wish to recycle the cardboard, please click here. Please do not use boxes to hold trash (they break easily especially when wet. Styrofoam peanuts used as packing material should be placed in a separate sealed bag to avoid spillage.
  • All medical waste should be properly identified before placing out for disposal. Syringes must be placed in Sharps containers or other non-penetrable containers before discarding. Should you have any questions regarding medical waste, please contact the Public Works Department.
  • Because of danger to collection personnel, as well as a risk of injury to family pets, dogs should be confined on regularly scheduled collection days. Please keep in mind that invisible fencing does not necessarily keep dogs from being at risk.
  • If a regularly scheduled collection day falls on a holiday, check for a notice in the Indian Hill Bulletin for rescheduling information or view the holiday schedule to the right. Notices will also be passed out by collection personnel.

2024 Holiday Schedule

Monday holidays do not effect the waste and recycling collection schedule.

The following list is the holiday schedule:

  • Friday, March 29 rescheduled for
    Monday, April 1
  • Thursday, July 4 rescheduled for
    Monday, July 1
  • Thursday, November 28 rescheduled for
    Monday, November 25
  • Friday, November 29 rescheduled for
    Monday, December 2
  • Wednesday, December 25 rescheduled for
    Monday, December 23
  • Wednesday, January 1 rescheduled for
    Monday, December 30

Special Pickups

Minimum Charge $10.00
Man/hours (15 mins.) $10.00
Man/hours (30 mins.) $30.00
Man/hours (45 mins.) $50.00
One Man/hour $70.00
If 2 trucks are used $90.00

Items such as moving boxes, cleaning trash, carpeting, and appliances must be placed where they are easily accessible to collection personnel. Carpet must be cut into lengths no longer than 6 feet and weigh no more than 50 pounds. Please note, flooring installers do provide removal services. Large quantities of moving boxes should be broken down and stacked for easy removal. In order for the public works to accept cans of paint, simply add floor dry or cat litter material to absorb the paint and dry it out (leave lids off). After the paint had solidified, we can properly dispose of it. Charges for the above services are based on a fee of $70.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $10.00 for the first 15 minutes and $20.00 for each additional 15 minutes thereafter. Appliances containing Freon, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers etc., can be removed for a flat fee of $50.00. Click here to request a special pickup online or call (513) 831.3712. 

For online Service Request, click here

Special Note

The Village has available 12 – 14 yard roll off containers available for use to dispose of light construction debris. For availability and pricing, please contact the Public Works at (513) 831-3712.

Garbage Toters

The Village of Indian Hill has purchased toters (large, two-wheeled storage containers with a lid) in bulk and they are available to residents at cost. The toters provide larger capacity storage and have wheels for easy mobility. The covered container reduces odor and may be left outside.

• 65 gallon (24’w x 24″d x 44″h) $90.00
• 95 gallon (30’w x 30″d x 48″h) $98.00 
If you are interested in purchasing a toter please call the Public Works Department at (513) 831-3712. 

Hazardous Waste

Have Household Hazardous Waste? Call the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District for disposal options at (513) 946-7766 or visit the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District website.

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