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This is the official website of The Village of Indian Hill.
Here's how you know.

Please be aware of holiday packages being delivered to your homes. This is a very active time of the year for “porch pirates”. The following are tips on how to prevent your packages from being stolen.

  • Track your packages delivery
  • Require a signature for delivery
  • Have packages delivered when you’re home
  • Let neighbors know packages are being delivered
  • Send package to pick-up location
  • Install security camera to view porch (eg. Ring)

I would also like to address the burglaries that are occurring in town and debunk rumors that are circulating. We know that this is an organized group from South America entering the country on temporary visa’s or illegally. They are targeting dark, and what appear to be unoccupied houses, and then breaking a large window (usually in a door) in the rear/side of the home including second story balconies. They are looking for jewelry, watches, high end purses, and cash. They immediately head to the master bedroom closets and bathroom as many people store valuables and safes in those rooms. These criminals and are in and out of the residence in a very short period of time. Hopefully, the following will answer some of the questions being asked:

  • We have not had any firearms stolen up to this point and none of the suspects have been armed. They have not been confrontational and are looking to escape.
  • First floor windows and doors are the most common way of entry. Entry has been made via second floor balconies by either stacking furniture, climbing trees, or other methods to reach the second floor. This is to bypass alarm systems as most don’t install sensors on upper levels.
  • Burglaries are occurring early in the evening from dusk until 9:30 pm – 10:00 pm.
  • All have involved rental vehicles with out of state license plates or stolen license plates.
  • Some groups have used wood lines in the rear yards to approach the home, while others have pulled into the driveway, parked on the street, or even dropped off accomplices.
  • They have used a cellular and Wi-Fi jamming device which we are still investigating.
  • We have had no violence towards animals.
  • We have found NO connection between CVG and the burglaries, this has been looked into several times.
  • Several arrests have been made in Indian Hill and Amberley Village.

Steps not to be a victim:

  • Make you house look like someone is home. This includes the use of timers on your lighting, leaving vehicles in your driveway, and leaving a TV or radio on. The use of lights should be used even when at home and are in the lower level of the house.
  • Install and use security systems, including Ring type cameras on the front porch and rear of the home. Turn on alarm systems and motion detector alarms when away from the home.
  • During the the early evening, be aware of vehicles that are not usually in the neighborhood, particularly ones with out of state license plates. Report these to the Rangers immediately.
  • Make sure valuables are secure and hidden. Consider placing them in another room besides the master bedroom/closet.
  • Have a family member of close friends stay at the house while on vacation.

This has become a national problem and we are in contact with local, state, and federal law enforcement on a daily basis. Homeland Security, I.C.E., F.B.I., Ohio B.C.I., police agencies in Dallas, Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, along with local agencies such Amberley Village, Cincinnati Police Department, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office have all been working together throughout this investigation.

The Rangers are dedicated to protecting the residents of Indian Hill to keep it one of the safest communities in the United States to live.

Chuck Schlie, Chief of Police